Divya Prakashan
Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar 01334-240008

Ayurved Shiromani Param Shradhya Acharya Bal Krishna Ji

A Savant and a great saint of the spritual tradition of yoga and ayurveda in India, Acharaya Balkrishna, is involved in rennovation, propagation and establishment of ayurveda,authentically. Acharya is representative of a saintly tradition in whom the knowledge of Maharsi Caraka, Susruta,Dhanvantri and all other saints of ayurvedic tradition is completely and intimately compounded. Acharaya Balkrishna is a great scholar under whose guidance Ayurvedic treatments and research has been globally established gloriously, with no government aid. With his efforts he has scored 29 patents on Yoga & Ayurveda and under his guidance 41 research papers have been published in several National and International Journal and Magazines. Acharya Balkrishna has received innumerous awards like "Vanaushadhipandit" "Sugyanshri" etc. for his contributionin the field of Yoga & Ayurveda. 2010mous magazines like "India Today" (Nov 2009) and "Outlook" (Jan 2010) counts him amoung the ten versatile and dynamic young man of india. He has authored many books on Yoga & Ayurveda and has edited many scriptures from unpublished Ayurvedic manuscripts. A famous scripture on Ayurvedic treatment 'Aushad Darshan', whose more than50 lack copies have been sold, is also a unique creationby him. At present his dream project 'World Herbal Encyclopedia' is under publication.